Auto Bottle Feed Fill Cap Lable Line

A Auto Bottle Feeding Table Rotating feed the bulk empty bottles evenly to the downstream units
B Z Bucket Elevator Lift the bulk material to the scale feed hopper by vibration and bucket moving
C Hi-Speed Hi-Accuracy Portion Weight Filler Auto high speed and accuracy finish weighing to the downstream units
D Working Platform Use to support the weigher and make daily operation and maintenance
E Rotary Bottle Feeding Filling Machine Auto Bottle loading, positioning and filling station
F Auto Cap Feeder By Vibratory Auto feed cap to the filled bottle by position photo-sensor
G Cap-Press Machine Auto press the metal or plastic cap to the filled bottle
H Inductive Aluminum Sealing Machine Auto finish the inner aluminium sealing
I Labelling Machine Auto Bottle labeling by roll label film
J Bottle Collecting Table Rotary collecting the finished bottle and ready for next step

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