Hot Ink Roller

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Hot Ink Roller Packaging Material

Basic Info.
Printing Type Transfer Printing
HS Code 8443999090
Performance Dry
Product Description
Hot ink rolls are designed especially for hot ink contact printers, printed on plastic foil, paper and other packaging material to mark production date, batch number etc. Hot ink rolls are characteristic of using conveniently, scripting distinctly and vividly, no-dropping powder, drying fast, no-polluting of solvent. And the large need of printing quantity is valid and available.

Low temp. using widely, scripting distinctly and vividly,
no-dropping powder, dry fast, more printing available


36mm*10mm 36mm*16mm 36mm*32mm 36mm*36mm 36mm*40mm 40mm*40mm 48mm*55mm 48mm*60mm


  1. According the model of ink roll contact printers and printing temperature, pick exactly the suitable specification for hot ink roll.

  2. The distance between characters and ink wheel is 0.5-2mm,the distance between characters and printed matter is 0.1-0.3mm.

  3. The ink wheel install in the main axle, power on, turn on the heating button to preheat the running ink wheel 20-30min at least, then start printing. When the scripts is blur, up the temperature to another 10 ºC, but don't beyond the highest suitable temperature.

  4. If find scripts unclear, possibly account for the printing head is worn, or the distance between ink roll and characters are too close. Now have to clear the printing head or correct the distance. Also because of the printing temperature is too high, need to adjust the tmperature.

  5. If the scripts are too vague, possibly accout for the printing head is worn, or the distance between ink wheel and characters are too far, adjust close down. If the pinting temprature is too low, or the ink wheel is drain, please change new one.

  6. When the printing is over better turn off the heat producer firstly and keeping the ink wheel rotating about 10 min. Let the ink wheel cold itself, then turn off the power. Consider that suddenly stop the roating hot ink wheel, the contained liquid-state ink transfers to the gravity direction, namely uneven distribution. Lead printing unclear and affect the usage life.

  7. Products should be stored in ambien temperature, 5-35ºC, relative humidity, 30%-80%. The warehouse should keep dry, ventilated, lightproof, acidfree, alkalifree, and corrosion gas not be allowed. The package case should be block up, off ground at least 30cm, and from away wall and heating wment 1m at least.
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