Double Lane Powder Packing Machine

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Double Lane Powder Packing Machine Powder, Grain Sachet Packaging Machine

Double Lane Powder Packing Machine
技术参数/Technical Specification
型号 Model DCFF-150L-A
技术规格 Specification
计量方法 Method of Measurement 螺杆计量 Measuring Auger Type
计量范围 Range of Measurement 0.1-100ml (选择不同量程的螺杆)
Choose Auger/Screw set with different volume range
包装速度 Packing Speed 双列70~90包/分钟
Double Lanes 70~90 bags/min
制袋尺寸 Bag Size 宽(W): 10-55mm
长(L): 30-150mm
宽(W): 10-55mm
长(L): 30-190mm
切刀类别 Cutting Knife Category 插刀型锯齿切刀
Insert type zigzag cutter

旋转型锯齿切刀、平切刀; 气动平刀
Rotary zigzag cutter/straight flat cutter; pneumatic straight cutter

卷膜宽度 Max Film Width 单列≤120mm
Single Lane≤120mm
包装原理 Feature 每列有单独卷膜和控制开关, 可以单列运行, 也可以双列一起工作
Each lane has a separate film roll and control switch, which can operate in a single row or work together in double rows
总功率 Total Power 3.9W
电源电压 Voltage 380V或定制
380V or Custom
耗气量 Gas Consumption 0.15立方米/分钟
机器重量 Machine Weight 500kg
机器尺寸 Machine Size 910 x 830 x 2000mm
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