Automatic 3/4 Side Liquid /Paste Packing Machine SCJ-240

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Automatic 3/4 Side Liquid /Paste Packing Machine SCJ-240 Liquid and Sauce Filling

液体、半流体自动包装机 Liquid/Paste Packing Machine
本系列包装机专为液体、半流体物料而设计,适用于化妆品(洗衣液、 雪花膏等)、油、酱油,果酱、蜂蜜等。
This series pack liquid or paste stuff, such as shampoo, lotion, oil, soy sauce, jam, honey, alcohol gel, sanitizer, etc.

Automatic 3/4 Side Liquid /Paste Packing Machine SCJ-240

技术参数/Technical Specification
型号 Model SCJ-240-1
Zigzag Cutter
Rotary Straight or Zigzag Cutter
技术规格 Specification
计量方法 Method of Measurement 转阀泵计量或针阀泵计量 Piston Pump Needle Valve Pump
计量范围 Range of Measurement 0-100ml (1-20ml; 8-30ml; 30-100ml)
包装速度 Packing Speedy 40~70包/分钟 (取决于袋子中物料充填比例及物料的流动性)
40~70 bags/min (depend on material filling amount and fluidity)
制袋尺寸 Bag Size 宽(W): 10-120mm
长(L): 30-170mm
宽(W): 10-120mm
长(L): 30-150mm
Max. bag width is 100mm of 4-side sealing
可根据客户要求适当加长袋型 Bag length is customizable
封口类别 Sealing Type 三边封、四边封普通锯齿
3-side/4-side sealing with zigzag cutter
3-side/4-side sealing with rotary straight or zigzag cutter
总功率 Total Power 三边封 1400W  四边封 1800W
3-side sealing: 1400W  4-side sealing: 1800W
电源电压 Voltage 380V或220V或定制
380V or 220V or Made Accordingly
机器重量 Machine Weight 200kg 230kg
机器尺寸 Machine Size 625 x 730 x 1780mm 625 x 730 x 1850mm
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