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SCJK-530/600 Liquid and Sauce Filling

适用范围 Application


It is widely used in filling and packing of sweetened bean paste, lotus meat, fruit jam, Chinese watermalon jam, cheese, jam, sauce, salad, lotion, liquid and semi liquid product equipped with input pump.
The machine can pack products in high temperature automatically, improve the productivity, decrease the cost, and avoid making the twice packing.


  1. 包装机一台;

  2. 输送管道一套

  3. 打码机一套

  4. 转子泵一台

  5. 可转动式料斗一件

  6. 小输送带一台。

Packing system including:
  1. Packing Machine

  2. Feed Tube

  3. Date Coding Printer

  4. Rotary Pump

  5. Removeable Hopper

  6. Output Conveyor
Technical Parameters
型号 Model SCJK-530 SCJK-600
计量方法 Method of Measurement 容积法 Volume Dosing
制袋尺寸 Bag Size 宽(W): 100-240mm
长(L): 150-480mm
宽(W): 100-280mm
长(L): 150-600mm
卷膜宽度 Film Width 220-500mm 220-600mm
包装材料 Wrapping 复合薄膜 (NY/PE等)
Laminated Film Like Nylon/PE
包装速度 Packing Speed 4-10包/分钟 (与填充量、物料稠度、环境条件有关)
4-10 bag/min (depend on filling amount, flowability and packing environment)
计量范围 Range of Measurement 500-5000cc 1000-10000cc
包装形式 Sealing Type 背封封口
Back Sealing
电源 Voltage AC 380V 50Hz
功率 Total Power 4.5KW
气源 Air Requested 0.7-0.8 Mpa  0.6m³/min
外形尺寸 Machine Size 1350 x 980 x 1980mm 1350 x 980 x 1980mm
重量 Machine Weight 980kg 1020kg
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